Why You Should Purchase a Purpose-Built Hardtop Lift

Why You Should Purchase a Purpose-Built Hardtop Lift - TopLift Pros

What is the defining feature of a Jeep Wrangler? It’s a question with no single answer. For some, it’s the Jeep’s ability to traverse almost any terrain imaginable. For others, it’s the ability to get wetter and dirtier than other vehicles yet remain easy to clean. Ask most enthusiasts, however, and they’ll tell you that what makes a Jeep a Jeep is being able to remove the roof and enjoy the elements. Removing that roof, however, is no small feat—not without the right tool, that is. Here’s why you should purchase a purpose-built hardtop lift.

Work on Your Own Time

Removing a Jeep hardtop without a lifting tool is anything but a one-person job. You’ll need at least one strong buddy to come over and help you take the top off your Jeep. What if you can’t get the help you need when you need it? You’re either stuck with the hardtop in place or you try to do the whole job yourself—and that’s an easy way to get hurt. When you have a hardtop removal tool from TopLiftPros at the ready in your garage, you don’t have to make the conversion on anyone else’s time but your own. This powerful tool does make it a one-person job after all.

Versatile Approaches

No two Jeeps are alike—not after a few months of proud ownership, that is. Jeep owners, as you know, are notorious tinkerers. If you can modify it, chances are someone has. No matter how you’ve built upon a stock Jeep Wrangler to create your personal all-terrain driving machine, our hardtop lift’s ability to make seasonal conversion easy is perhaps the one thing you can’t modify. No matter how much you’ve boosted your Jeep’s suspension to better handle off-road obstacles, our tool readily adapts to the new height for quick and easy removal. It’s one less thing to worry about as you look over your Jeep and ask, “What else can I make better?”

Make Life Easier

You have a lot to worry about when it comes to enjoying your Jeep. Let’s face it—for better or worse, this isn’t a four-door sedan that engineers have designed to get you to work and back for 200,000 miles without requiring any further thought. Those cars are out there. They’re not for us. Jeep ownership is an active pursuit, and with all the care that you put into owning and maintaining your one-of-a-kind vehicle, you shouldn’t have to struggle with taking off the top for summer. The best reason why you should purchase a purpose-built hardtop lift is to make one aspect of owning and loving your Jeep that much easier. By removing and storing your Wrangler’s roof with our Jeep hardtop stand and removal tool, you can concentrate on making those mods, keeping it clean, and doing everything else that Jeep ownership entails without worry.