The Best Off-Roading Areas in Nevada

The Best Off-Roading Areas in Nevada - TopLift Pros

When people think of Nevada, they think of Las Vegas. When people think of Las Vegas, they think of pure artifice. Here in this desert city, you’ll find a re-creation of New York, a faux Paris, and a simulacrum of ancient Rome. Neon may be on the periodic table of elements, but there’s nothing naturally occurring about those displays that light up the night sky. It is America not only at its most artificial but also at its most purely transactional: all night and all day, the city exchanges money for spectacle, money for indulgence, and most of all, money for the possibility of even more money. At times, it’s all too much to take in.

What luck, then, that there really is more to Nevada than Vegas. On your next visit to the Silver State, break free of the man-made contrivances of the artificial city, and get back to what’s real: the inimitable terrain of the Intermountain West. Explore the best off-roading areas in Nevada, and appreciate that some of the best experiences Nevada has to offer have nothing to do with neon lights and dollar bills.

Logandale Trail System

Forty miles northeast of Vegas, you find over 200 miles of off-road trails for you and your Jeep to conquer. The Logandale Trail System, a service of the Bureau of Land Management, offers not only rugged trails for Jeeps and other OHVs but also footpaths for hiking and campgrounds for extending your trip with some nights in the wild. Lying just off northbound Interstate 15, you can get back on the highway and head to St. George for some of the best trails that Utah has to offer.

Bitter Springs Trail

Just east of Las Vegas, Lake Mead is a reservoir that supplies much of the arid Southwest with precious water. North of the water is a 26.3-mile trail—just a hair over a marathon—through canyons, quarries, and more traditional and picturesque Southwestern scenery. As you take in one of the best off-roading areas in Nevada, make sure you’re getting that rush of fresh air by riding with your hardtop off. With the easy-to-use Jeep hardtop removal tool from TopLiftPros, the only challenge will be the trail.

Hunter Lake Trail

Nevada is one of our largest states by area, and while Southern Nevada gets most of the attention, you can also find some interesting trails close to Reno. The Hunter Lake Trail trades the deserts of the Southwest for the greenery and snow of Northern Nevada. Located within the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, the Hunter Lake Trail is one of the steepest challenges off-roaders can face in more ways than one. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains southwest of Reno, this trail is a rough road that tests your Jeep’s traction, ground clearance, and more. It’s not for novices driving stock Wranglers.