Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Wrangler

Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Wrangler - TopLift Pros



The May flowers have arrived and the smell of spring is in the air — you know what that means, right?


It's time to get your Jeep® ready for another season of trailblazing and exploration!


Whether you’ve had your Jeep® out over the winter or have kept it resting in your garage patiently awaiting the warmer weather, a good spring cleaning is likely in order for your Wrangler.


Not only will this ensure that your Jeep® is looking its best when you head out on your excursions, but it will also reduce the progression of corrosion while giving you piece of mind that the mechanics are fully functioning to keep you safe on the road.


Take care of these easy spring cleaning tasks to get your Jeep® ready for a new season of off-roading fun. Once you’re done, you can relax, take the top off, and begin enjoying the beautiful weather in your Wrangler! For the easiest Jeep® hardtop removal, be sure to have a TopLift Pro on hand so you can go topless more often! The TopLift Pro out performs every other Jeep® hardtop removal solution on the market, and our your fellow Jeepers will assure you that it is certainly worth every penny.


Wash the Undercarriage

If you’re a fellow off-road enthusiast, your Wrangler’s undercarriage likely sees a good bit of build up from dirt and mud. This is why we recommend every Jeep® cleaning always begin with a good pressure washing of the undercarriage.


The caked-on mud and salt-laden grime from over the winter can hide issues that could potentially turn into more major concerns if you don’t recognize and address them right away.

Pressure wash under the fenders and if they’re incredibly gunked up, consider finding a set of off-road fenders to help prevent so much mud from collecting underneath.


With the underside of your Jeep® squeaky-clean, you can move on to the next step in your spring cleaning.


Do A Mechanical Maintenance Check

Now that you can see everything on the underside of your Jeep®, pop open the hood and do a thorough check of the engine compartment. Then you should check underneath the engine for any damage, worn parts, loose hoses or wires, and anything else that seems out of line.

The last thing you want to deal with on your first ride of the season is a breakdown due to a weakened hose that could have been but didn't get replaced because you never noticed it.


While you’re at it, if there’s maintenance like an oil change or you need to top off your fluids, do it now so you don’t have to worry about it again for a while.


Don’t forget to check your tire pressure too before heading out on the trails! See our full list of steps for preparing for off-roading.


Change the Wiper Blades

Icy windshields that you can experience through the winter months can really do a number on a set of wiper blades; the good news is that these are simple items to fix. Install a new set of blades so you’re ready for the spring rains and a summer full of mud puddle splashing.

With a new set of wiper blades and a full washer fluid reservoir, you’ll ensure that you have a clean windshield without all those streaks from torn blades when out on the trails.


Give It A Bath and Scrub the Lights

Naturally, as part of your spring cleaning, you’ll thoroughly wash your Jeep® Wrangler from head to toe. One minor detail that often gets forgotten yet really makes a difference is scrubbing the headlights and other lights on your Jeep®. Not only does this improve the look of your Jeep® immensely, but it also makes night riding much more enjoyable — especially if you find yourself riding in remote locations.


After a winter of dirt, grime, and road salt, it’s going to take more than a few sprays with the pressure washer. Get in there and scrub your lights by hand and you’ll really notice the difference the next time you need them on at night.


Make Spring Cleaning Your Jeep® A Pre-Season Tradition!

Whether you drive a newer model of Jeep® or an older Wrangler, your Jeep® is your baby, and it occasionally requires some special attention to ensure that it keeps providing you with more trailblazing fun for years to come. A spring cleaning and check-up is the perfect way to slow corrosion on your metal parts and get your Jeep® purring and ready for the trail.


These simple steps are all it takes to ensure you are fully prepared to have a great time when you set off in your Jeep® for your first adventure this spring! To make the most of your Wrangler adventures this year, pre order your TopLift Pro for simple, streamlined Jeep® hardtop removal by yourself in just minutes!