Ways To Enjoy The Winter In Your Wrangler

Ways To Enjoy The Winter In Your Wrangler - TopLift Pros

As Jeep® owners, we look for any excuse we can to put the windows down, take the doors off, lift off the top, and go for a ride in the open air. What we’re here to tell you, though, at Toplift Pros is that you don’t have to put your topless and doorless jeeping on hold just because a little winter weather comes rolling in. In fact, there are a variety of incredible ways to enjoy your Jeep® even more during this time of year — especially if you live in an area that receives a good deal of snow. After all, you bought a Wrangler because you wanted a 4x4 vehicle that could go above and beyond, allowing you to do more than what’s possible with your average car, right?


So, without further adieu, the following are a few of the Jeep® activities you can give a whirl this winter season — even do them topless and doorless if you want a rush similar to riding down the slopes of the backcountry. Of course, going doorless and topless with your Jeep® in the winter is much easier when you have the handy Jeep® door storage and Jeep® hardtop hoist tools from the TopLift Pros. So before you attempt to tackle any of these winter shenanigans in your Jeep®, we highly recommend getting your hands on each of these if you haven’t done so already!

Best Winter Jeep® Activities

Jeep® Snow Drifting

If you just woke up on a Saturday morning to see a fresh coat of that frosty white stuff on the ground, the first thing you should be thinking of is, “time to grab some hot cocoa and cozy up by the fire,” right? Wrong! Time to head to the garage, get that top off with your Jeep® hardtop hoist, slap your doors on your Jeep® door storage cart, bundle up, and go get after it! Find yourself a nice open trail with minimal bordering obstacles, and put your off-road skills to the true test while embracing Old Man Winter. If you have the right conditions, this can be just as adrenaline-pumping as snowmobiling — just ask our friends over at GNARPM.


Jeep® Snow Tubing

Want to take the entire family or your friends out to get in on the action with you? If you’re normally a summer boater that enjoys your time tubing on the lake, you’re in luck! When the snowfall comes, you can break out your tube, tie it to the back of your Jeep®, and get as aggressive as you want whipping your Wrangler around and giving your attached passengers the ride of a lifetime. If you don’t have a tube, a snow sled will always suffice, too! You can even get creative and build ramps to send your riders over as you drive by.


Be A Hero Of The Roads

With great power comes great responsibility, so as a Jeep® owner, another thing you can do on an icy winter day is help your fellow drivers by bringing along the winch to pull those stuck on the side of the road back to safety. This might not be quite as fun as the other options, but you are sure to be the hero of the town for the day. It also can be entertaining to see the aftermath of the non-4x4 owners attempting to navigate the icy roads.


As you can see, the fun doesn’t have to stop with your Jeep Wrangler® just because the temperatures drop. If you want to make the most of your winter, we hope that you’ll give these winter jeeping activities a try. And as always, if you need help with Jeep® door removal or Jeep® hardtop removal, you know where to go — the Top Lift Pros!