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TopLift Pro Line of Hardtop Removal Tools

The TopLift Pro line is the industry's leading hardtop removal tool with over 40,000 satisfied customers.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Easy-to-Assemble and Use
  • Secures Your Top with Minimal Garage Space
  • No Cranks, Straps or Pulleys
  • Sturdy even for tops with Racks and Mounts
  • Works on Stock, lifted and Trailer Hitches



TopLift Pro for Jeep Wrangler

Gladiator Pro for Jeep Gladiator


TopLift Pro for 2-Door Ford Bronco


TopLift Pro for 4-Door Ford Bronco



VenturePro Line of Hardtop Removal Tools

VenturePro Portable Hardtop Removal Tools are perfect for the person who wants to remove their top while their own adventures. This traveling campaigns quickly snaps together and fits neatly in your Jeep. Now you can go where you want to go with your top on, and easily take it off once you get there.



 Venture Pro for Jeep Wrangler


Venture Pro for 2-Door and 4-Door Bronco